Buyers' guide to the 127th Canton Fair

2020-06-29 6883

The 127th Canton Fair displays millions of products of 25,900 exhibitors online, providing new opportunities for Chinese and international companies.

You can register and attend the Canton Fair on its official website.

If you have attended before, use your Buyer Badge to login and verify.

Or you can login with your Best account.

New users can register by filling personal and company information.

After login, you can search interested exhibitor or exhibit on the homepage.

Enter company name or booth number to find your old friend.

You can submit sourcing request of a specific exhibit directly or go to Supply & Demand Hall to do so and the system will match exhibits for you.

Our platform provides instant messaging service and Chinese-English translation to realize smooth communication!

You can also schedule an appointment with an exhibitor to talk in a face-to-face video meeting.

Click "Exhibitor on Live" to watch exhibitors' live streaming, subscribe to it and replay.

Buyers can invite friends to register and attend by sending exclusive "i-Invite" link in the Buyer Service Platform.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.